Welcome to Calisamba’s world!

Currently playing in multiple cities, such as, San Diego, Las Vegas, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, San Francisco, and others yet to come, Calisamba has built an impressive following in less than 2 years.

The band currently has 7,5k followers on Instagram, 1,2k members on its Facebook fan page, and around 200 subscribed members on YouTube. All of this numbers are constantly improving upwards and Calisamba continues to grow and build a solid fan base in California as well as on the East Coast.

Less than two months ago the band released some singles. The first one called “Atras do Green Card” , the second “Pagode In Vegas” and “A Distancia ficou no passado”. All of them are available on Spotify and YouTube, as well as in all other popular music platforms, such as iTunes, Amazon, YouTube music, etc.

All songs have video clips on YouTube that can be watched by going to Calisamba’s channel. With less than two months of releasing the videos, YouTube views have accumulated to be roughy 4,200, for all videos combined, but the most impressive number is on Facebook, where the band also posted the video clip for the song called “Pagode in Vegas”. The video has a total of 40k views and growing, with over 138,000 people reached since the post was made.

Calisamba’s event attendance range from 300 to 600 people depending on the capacity of the venue. The biggest event produced by Calisamba and a couple of partners held 1000 people, considering the venue could legally allow a maximum of 1.2k people. Needles to say, Calisamba will bring as many people as the venue holding the show can handle.

Based on feedbacks that are constantly given from people that frequently come to the shows, regardless of which region they are in, if Calisamba is playing, that is where people will be. Not only Brazilians, but people from all over have been enjoying the music and vibe that the band bring on its shows. Calisamba equals a packed house.